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Press release: Climate changes triggered immigration to America in the 19th century

21 Nov 2017

From Trump to Heinz, some of America’s most famous family names and brands trace their origins back to Germans who emigrated to the country in the 19th century. Researchers from the University of Freiburg have now found that climate was a major factor in driving migration from Southwest Germany to North America during the 19th century. The results are published today in CP.

Climate of the Past's most prolific editor steps down

15 Nov 2017

Volker Rath, who has been an editor of CP since it started, has decided to step down. He holds the title of CP's most prolific editor, having supervised the passage of at least 88 papers. The CP chief editors want to record huge thanks to him: it is the willingness of our editors to work on papers both within and around their field that enables the success of the journal.

New chief editors for Climate of the Past, and Nerilie Abram suspends editorship for IPCC impartiality

10 Oct 2017

We are pleased to announce the names of two new chief editors for Climate of the Past. One vacancy arises because Nerilie Abram has been appointed as a coordinating lead author for chapter 1 of the IPCC SROCC.

New institutional agreement between the PIK and Copernicus Publications

24 Aug 2017

Authors from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) will profit from a new institutional agreement with Copernicus Publications starting 23 August 2017. The agreement which is valid for the first author enables a direct settlement of article processing charges (APCs) between the PIK and the publisher.

Update of publication policy

04 Jul 2017

The updated publication policy now is extended by the journal's open access statement, its archiving and indexing scheme, and explicit policies on corrections and retractions.

Hubertus Fischer wins AGU Willi Dansgaard Award

04 Jul 2017

Congratulations to CP editor Hubertus Fischer who has won the 2017 Willi Dansgaard Award. He will receive the award at the AGU Fall meeting in New Orleans this December.

Revision of editors', referees', and authors' obligations

29 Jun 2017

The general obligations for editors, referees, and authors have been revised to give advice for the appropriate handling of literature suggestions.

New Journal Impact Factors released

15 Jun 2017

Clarivate Analytics has published the latest Journal Citation Reports®.

New licence & copyright agreement

06 Jun 2017

From 6 June onwards, all newly submitted articles, if accepted for publication, will be distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

New display and citation guidelines for DOIs

06 Jun 2017

To make it as easy as possible for users without technical knowledge to cut and paste or click to share DOIs, CrossRef has changed the display and citation guidelines for DOIs from "doi:10.5194/abcd" to "".

Carlo Barbante has stepped down as CP chief editor

29 May 2017

Carlo Barbante has rotated off the team of chief editors of CP, but will remain on the editorial board as a regular editor. The remaining chief editors thank Carlo for his work over the last several years. Ice will still be well represented as Eric Wolff has rejoined the team of chief editors, alongside Nerilie Abram, Marie-France Loutre, and Denis-Didier Rousseau.

International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSN) now includable in article assets

19 May 2017

Since early 2016, Copernicus Publications has been enabling authors to connect their articles with underlying or related material such as research data, model code, or scientific videos. To enhance reproducibility it is now also possible to include International Geo Sample Numbers (IGSNs) as assets.

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EGU journals: celebrations and growth

16 May 2017

In 2016, the 17 EGU–Copernicus peer-reviewed open-access journals experienced significant growth. We published over 3300 final-revised papers, corresponding to some 53,500 pages, a growth of about 10% compared to the previous year. These papers were downloaded over 645,000 times.

CP chief editor Denis Didier Rousseau wins Oeschger Medal

12 Apr 2017

The editorial board of Climate of the Past warmly congratulate Denis-Didier Rousseau on winning the EGU's Hans Oeschger Medal.

Thorsten Kiefer steps down as CP editor

12 Apr 2017

After 8 years as a co-chief editor of Climate of the Past, Thorsten Kiefer has stepped down from the editorial board. Please read CP's farewell letter.

A case of editorial malpractice detected

13 Feb 2017

Recently we have become aware of a case of scientific malpractice by an editor of two of our journals (SOIL and SE) who used the position as editor and reviewer to disproportionately promote citations to personal papers and associated journals. Please read the published editorial.

New institutional agreement between the TU Darmstadt and Copernicus Publications

27 Dec 2016

Authors from the Technical University Darmstadt will profit from a new institutional agreement with Copernicus Publications starting 1 January 2017. The agreement which is valid for corresponding authors enables a direct settlement of article processing charges (APCs) between the university and the publisher.

Max Planck institutional agreement now for corresponding authors

23 Dec 2016

As of 1 January 2017 the direct settlement of article processing charges (APCs) between the Max Planck Digital Library and Copernicus Publications will be valid for corresponding authors.

Press Release: The Coldest Decade of the Millennium? How the cold 1430s led to famine and disease

01 Dec 2016

While searching through historical archives to find out more about the 15th-century climate of what is now Belgium, northern France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, Chantal Camenisch noticed that many of the 1430s' winters and some springs were extremely cold in the Low Countries, as well as in other parts of Europe.

Geographical distribution of views now available in journal ALMs

08 Sep 2016

Copernicus Publications has extended the article level metrics (ALMs) by showing the geographical distribution of views. This information is available for articles published after 3 August 2016.

Institutional agreement for CP authors affiliated with the Leibniz Association

01 Sep 2016

Copernicus Publications and the Leibniz Association have agreed on a central billing of article processing charges (APCs) to facilitate the publication procedure for authors. So far three Leibniz institutes are participating in this agreement.

CP editor Appy Sluijs receives James B. Macelwane Medal

03 Aug 2016

We are delighted that CP editor Appy Sluijs is among the awardees of the 2016 AGU James B. Macelwane Medal. Congratulations!

New Impact Factor for CP

21 Jun 2016

The co-editors-in-chief are delighted to announce that Climate of the Past (CP) has received its Impact Factor for 2015.

Institutional agreement for CP authors affiliated with the Leibniz Universität Hannover

11 Jan 2016

Copernicus Publications and the Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) in Hanover, Germany have signed an agreement on central billing of article processing charges.

CP awarded DOAJ Seal

16 Dec 2015

Climate of the Past (CP) has received the new DOAJ Seal which recognizes journals with an exceptionally high level of publishing standards and best practice.

Workflow of CP reorganized

10 Dec 2015

We have summarized the upcoming changes to CP by the end of the year.

Directorship positions for Marie-France Loutre and Thorsten Kiefer at PAGES and Future Earth

05 Nov 2015

Two co-editors-in-chief of CP have recently taken on directorship positions at the global-change research organizations PAGES (Marie-France Loutre) and Future Earth (Thorsten Kiefer).

Citable video publications for CP authors

29 Oct 2015

In cooperation with the TIB|AV-Portal CP authors can now add short, citable video abstracts and video supplements to their articles.

Valérie Masson-Delmotte elected co-chair of IPCC Working Group I

08 Oct 2015

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has elected Dr Valérie Masson-Delmotte, one of the CP editors, co-chair of Working Group I.

Anniversary: First CP article published 10 years ago

05 Oct 2015

Climate of the Past (CP) was launched in June 2005. Having gone through Interactive Public Peer Review, the first CP article was published on 4 October 2005.

New library and payment concept

29 Sep 2015

From January 2016 onwards, CP will see changes to the way papers are archived and paid for.

Climate of the Past and plagiarism

24 Sep 2015

Recently, Climate of the Past faced an unacceptable case of plagiarism.

Direct settlement of APCs for scientists from the University of Potsdam

01 Jul 2015

The Potsdam University Library and Copernicus Publications have signed an agreement on direct settlement of article processing charges (APCs).

Update data policy

29 Jun 2015

We have updated our data policy: it now also refers to the Data Citation Principles and stresses the necessity of data availability.

Introduction of post-discussion editor decision

18 Jun 2015

Climate of the Past has introduced the post-discussion editor decision into the review process. With this extra step, the authors are given clear instructions on how to revise their paper.

CP also on Twitter

15 Jun 2015

Our official Twitter account @EGU_CP has been launched. We look forward to increasing visibility for our articles and discussions, sharing journal-related news and talking to CP’s community. Follow us:

CP now member of COPE

21 May 2015

Climate of the Past (CP) has become a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and thereby subscribes to the principles of COPE.

New CP editor-in-chief: Nerilie Abram

18 May 2015

The co-editors-in-chief warmly welcome Nerilie Abram to the editorial board of Climate of the Past.

Victor Brovkin steps down as CP editor

13 May 2015

The editorial board of Climate of the Past wishes to warmly thank Victor Brovkin for his honourable service as editor of our journal.

Celebrating 10 years of Climate of the Past

02 Apr 2015

Climate of the Past (CP) was launched as a community-driven journal in June 2005. Join us for a special celebration of our 10th anniversary.

Website relaunch

26 Mar 2015

The CP website has been given a new look, and the navigation has been adjusted.
Further details:

TU Delft and Copernicus Publications cooperate in supporting open access

22 Jan 2015

In order to further promote open access, the TU Delft Library has transferred a budget to Copernicus to be used by its scientists in 2015.

Central billing of APCs for TUM authors

18 Dec 2014

Copernicus Publications and the University Library of the Technical University Munich (TUM) have agreed on central billing of article processing charges.

New article processing charges for CP

15 Dec 2014

From 01 January 2015 Climate of the Past (CP) will slightly increase the article processing charges.

CP provides full-text XML

13 Nov 2014

Climate of the Past (CP) has started an XML-first workflow and will provide all new articles in full-text XML from now on. 

ETH Zurich and Copernicus Publications agree on central billing

01 Oct 2014

The ETH-Bibliothek (the central university library for ETH Zurich) and Copernicus Publications have signed an agreement on central billing of article processing charges.

Transparent post-discussion review

01 Jun 2014

CP introduces transparent post-discussion review.

The University of Bremen and Copernicus Publications agree on central billing of publication fees

12 May 2014

The University of Bremen has now signed an agreement with Copernicus Publications about the central billing of article processing charges. 

Article level metrics available

29 Oct 2013

Article level metrics (ALMs) comprise a set of easy-to-understand real-time impact indicators that track how an article is read, discussed, or cited.

Valérie Masson-Delmotte receives 2013 Irene Joliot-Curie Prize

08 Oct 2013

Valérie Masson-Delmotte was awarded the 2013 Irene Joliot-Curie Prize for scientific woman of the year by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and EADS Group.

Publication ethics

13 Aug 2013

CP has implemented publication ethics in order to guarantee high scientific and ethical standards.

New data policy

04 Jun 2013

CP has just published its new data policy.

Publications by EGU Medalists

Climate of the Past (CP) Special Issue: Publications by EGU Medalists.

In Memory: Nanne Weber

17 Aug 2011

Obituary for Professor Nanne Weber (1959–2011).

Revised definition for "Commentary" papers

10 May 2011

In order to provide better guidance for authors and editors, the definition of the manuscript type of “Peer-Reviewed Commentaries and Replies” has been reformulated.

Carlo Barbante appointed co-editor in chief of Climate of the Past

09 Feb 2011

The EGU council recently appointed Professor Carlo Barbante as co-editor in chief of Climate of the Past.

In Memory: Willy Dansgaard

12 Jan 2011

Obituary for Professor Willy Dansgaard.

Valérie Masson-Delmotte suspends editorship for IPCC impartiality

22 Oct 2010

In order to avoid any potential for conflicts of interest with her current task as a Coordinating Lead Author of the IPCC 5th Assessment Report (AR5), Valérie Masson-Delmotte has suspended her CP editorship.

EGU position statement on discussion papers

04 Jul 2010

The European Geosciences Union has published a position statement to clarify the definition and standing of discussion papers published in the interactive open access journals.

June 2005-June 2010: Climate of the Past fifth anniversary

21 Jun 2010

Co-editors in chief and founding editors thank all those who have contributed to the growth of CP and share a little present.

Eric Wolff honored

05 Jun 2010

CP co-editor in chief and co-founder Dr. Eric Wolff has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

Two editors of Climate of the Past among EGU 2009 medalists

02 Apr 2009

We are proud to announce that our editors Pascale Braconnot, France, and Eric Wolff, Great Britain, are among the EGU 2009 medalists.

Online textbook in climatology available

20 Nov 2008

The online textbook “Introduction to climate dynamics and climate modelling” is now available.

Two editors of Climate of the Past funded by ERC

11 Nov 2008

Climate of the Past is pleased to announce that Hubertus Fischer and André Berger were awarded grants by the European Research Council.

Denis-Didier Rousseau awarded for French CNRS silver medal

CP Co-Editor-in-Chief Denis-Didier Rousseau has been awarded the prestigious silver medal of the French CNRS.

Pinxiang Wang is EGU Milancovic medalist

CP editor Prof. Pinxiang Wang will receive the EGU Milancovic medal of the Climate: Past, Present and Future Division for his outstanding work.

Gerrit Lohmann elected as new president for EGU Climate Division

Gerrit Lohmann, one of our editors, was elected as the new President of the Climate: Past, Present and Future Division of the EGU.

Gerald Ganssen elected to EGU

Gerald Ganssen, co-founders and co-editor in chief of Climate of the Past, was elected as Vice-President of the EGU.

Joel Guiot is CNRS silver medalist

We are pround to announce that CP editor Joel Guiot was awarded a silver medal by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Ethics in CP: peer reviewer

In light of current events, we would like to point out that peer reviewers in Climate of the Past (CP) are entitled to be anonymous.

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