Denis-Didier Rousseau, co-chief editor of CP, is the 2023 recipient of the Liu Tungsheng Medal, INQUA

10 August 2023

It is with great pride that Climate of the Past can announce that our co-chief editor Denis-Didier Rousseau from CNRS–University of Montpellier has received the Liu Tungsheng Medal – the highest award of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA). Denis received this prestigious award for his studies of Quaternary climate based on loess deposits. Denis is a world leader in the study of continental palaeoclimate, and his contributions extend over three continents, namely Europe, North America, and Asia. Moreover, he has offered exceptional service to several communities within the field of Quaternary science, including INQUA, where he served as vice-president from 1999–2003. The medal was awarded at the 2023 INQUA congress.