Thorsten Kiefer steps down as CP editor

12 April 2017

After 8 years as a co-chief editor of Climate of the Past, Thorsten Kiefer has stepped down from the editorial board. Thorsten became a co-chief editor in 2009. As the Executive Director of PAGES, Thorsten brought a breadth of knowledge of the topics and personalities of the palaeoclimate community, which has really helped the journal to develop. Thorsten left PAGES in 2015 to take on the role of Director of the Paris Hub of Future Earth. This has taken him into an even more interdisciplinary area, but mainly outside our palaeoclimate world. He therefore decided he should leave the editorial board, and completed the editing of his last paper in March.

The other co-chiefs would like to sincerely thank Thorsten for his work and wisdom, as well as his friendship.

Climate of the Past co-editors-in-chief