Introduction of post-discussion editor decision

18 June 2015

Climate of the Past has introduced the post-discussion editor decision into the review process. With this extra step at the end of the discussion phase, the authors receive immediate feedback and have a clear idea of how to revise their papers.

Before the implementation of the post-discussion editor decision feature, the authors replied to the interactive comments and then submitted a revised version of their paper to the editor for further evaluation. When revising their paper, however, the authors could not know exactly what the editor expected of them.

Now, the post-discussion editor decision feature allows the editor to make a decision immediately after the authors have posted their final response, without waiting for a revised paper. Based on the final response, the editor can immediately accept or reject the paper or ask for a revision. With this direct feedback it is easier for the authors to know what they are expected to do before submitting a revised version of the paper.

For more information on the peer-review process, see Interactive Public Peer ReviewTM.