Directorship positions at global-change research organizations for Marie-France Loutre and Thorsten Kiefer

5 November 2015

Two co-editors-in-chief of Climate of the Past (CP), Marie-France Loutre and Thorsten Kiefer, have recently taken on directorship positions at global-change research organizations that might be of interest to readers of CP: Marie-France Loutre has been appointed Executive Director of Past Global Changes (PAGES) and Thorsten Kiefer has transferred to the Secretariat of Future Earth as Global Hub Director in Paris.

PAGES facilitates research that aims to understand the earth's past environment in order to obtain better predictions of future climate and environment as well as to develop strategies for sustainability. PAGES has recently transitioned to become a core project of the new global sustainability science programme Future Earth (see below), the successor of the concluding International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme. In addition, PAGES maintains a scientific partnership with the World Climate Research Programme.

Future Earth is a major international research platform that provides the knowledge and support to accelerate our transformation to a sustainable world. It includes palaeoclimate research as part of a broad interdisciplinary scope that spans physical, ecological, and social sciences and aims to engage those societal partners in the process who have a stake in sustainability science. Future Earth is co-sponsored by scientific bodies (ICSU, ISSC), funders (Belmont Forum), and science-policy (UNESCO, UNEP, UNU) and intergovernmental organizations (WMO, SDSN).

Following other recent appointments at AGU and IPCC, the journal is thus expanding its connections with scientific organizations that build on the research of the authors and readers of Climate of the Past.

Congratulations to our two colleagues.
Climate of the Past co-editors-in-chief