Manuscript types

The following types of manuscripts can be considered for peer-reviewed publication in Climate of the Past (CP):

  • Research articles report substantial and original scientific results within the journal scope.
  • Review articles summarize the status of knowledge and outline future directions of research within the journal scope. Before preparing and submitting a review article, please contact an editor covering the relevant subject area and an executive editor. Depending on the subject and further characteristics, review articles are also eligible for inclusion in the Encyclopedia of Geosciences. If you are interested in this option, please see the author instructions and contact the editors of the encyclopedia.
  • Technical notes report new developments, significant advances, and novel aspects of experimental and theoretical methods and techniques which are relevant for scientific investigations within the journal scope. Manuscripts of this type should be short (a few pages only). Highly detailed and specific technical information such as computer programme code or user manuals can be included as electronic supplements. The manuscript title must start with "Technical note:".
  • CPD/CP has no separate category of commentary and replies anymore. The main vehicle for commenting on a preprint in CPD/CP is the interactive discussion that occurs during the first stage of the review process. Occasionally, new issues may arise at a later date. Where the main content or purpose of a paper is criticism or discussion of a preceding paper (whether in CP or elsewhere), it should be prepared, and will be considered, as a research article, with a title that describes the scientific issue. The editor will decide as for any other paper whether the issue is sufficiently substantial to warrant a new paper. However, as a courtesy, the authors should point out on submission the identity of the related paper so that the editor can be sure to invite the authors of that paper to take part (normally named) in the interactive discussion.
  • Corrigenda correct errors in preceding papers. The manuscript title reads as follows: Corrigendum to "TITLE" published in JOURNAL, VOLUME, PAGES, YEAR. Please note that corrigenda are only possible for final revised journal papers and not for the corresponding preprints.